Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Duric not going to Indonesia Super Liga

SAFFC and Singapore striker Aleksandar Duric, 39, is not playing in the Indonesia Super Liga (ISL) next year after all.

Copa Indonesia Champions Sriwijaya has re-written the terms of Duric contract without informing Duric and is demanding the player take a 20% cut in his salary along with his children school fees and Housing allowances.

The 39-year-old was not willing to accept Sriwijaya new terms and has called off the deal.

For me, I am not surprised Duric is unwilling to accept the new terms as he is not on low salary at SAFFC (Believed to be above S$8000 and not adding in bonuses which can take it up to five figures) anyway with the S-league champions having an option to sign him for another year and he will not have problems with his children education and the housing as they are well-settled in Singapore already.

In the end, after his cut in salary, children education and housing allowances, he may not earn that much more anyway so the hassle of moving to a new country for just 1 year is just not attractive enough.

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