Tuesday, July 27, 2010

End of the road for Shariff Abdul Samat at Protectors?

Former Stallions and Stags defender Shariff Abdul Samat could be a former Protectors come next season.

SPH Straits Times reported the 26-year-old have clashed with his fellow national mate Lionel Lewis and, more importantly, the coach of Home United, Paul Lee.

If the Korean coach short history
(with clashes with Peres and Nelson) with the Protectors is any guide, Shariff Abdul Samat should be looking for a new club now as it is unlikely the Korean will be gone next season; which of course mean he might be.

But with a history of trouble at a number of former clubs, he will not be an attractive option for those with cash as once again he was reported to have been given time off to deal with personal issues.

The time have surely come for the (not so young) defender to make a decision on the direction of his football career.

After all, he has been touted as a future Lions since his S-league debut but he has not gain a single international cap despite nearly 9 years of football (Interrupted several times due to his many personal problems)

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