Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bulls sell Goran Subara to PSM

Here is something rare in ASEAN football as from a report (translated from Indonesian), Gombak United has managed to sell a player.

Yes, that right. It appear to have a transfer fee involved.

But PSM manager Sirajuddin Henderson refused to reveal how much they paid for the Australian midfielder but if they were as desperate in looking for a defensive midfielder as indicated before, I hope it is a reasonable sum.

It is good business sense by Gombak United as until now I cannot understand why Home United allowed Shahril Ishak to leave without a transfer fee for we are not running a charity here in Singapore and it is right to demand a transfer fee.

Gombak United have done the right thing and hopefully other clubs understand letting players go for free when they are under contract is stupid

So do not cry no money when we are doing such charity work.

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