Friday, August 22, 2014

Singapore football is not 'FAS elites' alone

The disaster of the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy (Also known as ASEAN Under-21 championship) have fans asking about the direction of Singapore football; for this is not the first time the republic has been thrashed in youth competitions by our ASEAN (Note it's not Asia) rivals.

Of course, FAS will tell us results do not matter at this stage and I do not argue with that; noting many times it is worth it if good players are developed in the process.

But that is where the problem lie as we are not doing that for can FAS claimed good players, even compared to the lower standard of ASEAN,
 have come out of their production line from all those thrashings.

Indeed, who is lining up to sign Singapore youngsters if FAS wished to debate that point and I can hear a silence for nobody is the answer.

So what did those thrashing achieved?

Nothing other than adding to the already bad reputation of Singapore football; which can never  produced any players of quality in the eyes of ASEAN if not the world.

And all these thanks to FAS wish to protect their National Football Academy (NFA).

It is incredible that the national setup is totally make up of players from FAS-run-teams with even the national team excluding everybody else not with them.

How does this help Singapore football!

From what we have, it is only hurting us even more as the Under-21 coach Richard Bok admitted he cannot choose his own players - with Home United Prime League players excluded despite the fact they are top of the Prime League.

It is clear FAS is seeking a policy of elites much like where our FAS President, Zainduin Nordin, seem to come from.

Anybody want to bet on the ASIAN GAMES team setup as it is not the first time a player good enough is not chosen for reasons which FAS can never explained.

No wonder, Singapore football is not producing players now since our current FAS President took over 5 years despite the talks of 'improving' (As quoted by our national press who keep telling us what a good job ourFAS President is doing and he just need more time)

Singapore football, a place where you have to have a famous father as former footballers or sportsman before you are chosen.

So no matter how talented you are, prepared to be excluded if you are not 'FAS elites'

That why we are in trouble unless FAS Change for Singapore football is not their elites alone.  (Judging from results, not good elites as well)

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