Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some may not considered Suzuki cup exit important

At this moment in time all the talk is on the Suzuki Cup exit by Singapore, which is not surprising, but I want to focus on something else.

For even if Singapore reach the semi-finals what direction are we heading - 'elitism' or S-league.

Until we answer that we will never progress much anyway.

Indeed, there may be some who interest will be furthest away from the Suzuki Cup and I am talking about the over-30s group; who were hurt by the FAS age ban - even with it rescinded now.

The problem have not been solved.

And FAS is once again reacting disappointingly as they had caused the problem but all they had done is just send letters to players telling them their options ahead.

This is bureaucracy talking.

Not good especially as they are headed by a former labour union head and even if it is the worthless one Zainudin Nordin.

Is this what Prime Minister Lee meant by  People's Action Party (PAP) taking care of it people.

For the worthless one was imposed on Singapore football for 'our own good' by the Ministry of culture, community and youth (MCCY).

Yet it was his decision that lead to the hazy future the players face now; no matter what Sunday Times reported. (For those who do not know they claimed that it was all the club chairmen faults and Balestier Khalsa S.Thavaneson has accepted all the blame)

The worthless one cannot wash his hands off it and this is not me looking for faults but if theBishan-Toa Poyah GRC man knew nothing of the plans, which was in place since October, what kind of leadership is this.

Worse as I noted earlier his man is a former labour union leader who PAP claimed to represent the average man on the ground. (Before GE 2011, Straits Times ran an article on this man and his 'hard work' at NTUC 'aiding' the average man)

However, he has avoided the average man like the plague now for since the incident, nearly a month ago, he hasn't met with the players for their side of the story.

Of course, it is no surprise as this is a man who always vanished in troubled times and the reaction of S-league CEO should have been reserved for him had he shown up.

So the worthless one is also the gutless one.

Indeed, he has shown he is never as 'busy' as claimed as he had time to spend with President Tony Tan and high-five with Minister at the Myanmar game.

Is spending time with the elites more important than the players!

The Prime Minister can speak of how much PAP Work for the people but man like the worthless one show otherwise and this is why PAP are considered to represent the elites now.

Or else that age ban decision will have never come-to-be as it is the average man who pay the price for the elites decision.

And that is why some may not considered Suzuki cup exit important as they themselves have been abandoned.

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