Saturday, August 20, 2011

That man is culling clubs for cash

That is my feeling when I saw this plan for next season.

For me, it is just too much of coincidence that at a time he need cash to pay for his Malaysia team that we see such a suggestion about reducing local clubs. (Frankly if you ask me, they came from his men who knew how to please him)

Of course their defence is that the money can be doubled up but people need to understand that a lot of the seed money is under variables so other than the Big 3, most other clubs will struggled to get the full amount so it does not matter if it become bigger.

Example: looked at the mid-tier clubs like Gombak, Hougang, Geylang etc they are not likely to collect the sponsorship section of the money so even if one doubled it up it will go back into FAS coffers.

So if you asked, this is how FAS intend to raise money by twisting and playing around the seed money variables

How long until that man era end

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