Monday, August 1, 2011

S-league PreviewXXI & XXII

Tue 2-Aug CYL - Hougang United (JBS)
Tue 2-Aug Balestier Khalsa - Home United (TPY)
Wed 3-Aug Tampines Rovers - Geylang United (TMP)
Wed 3-Aug Etoile FC - SAFFC (QTN)
Thu 4-Aug Albirex Niigata (S) - TPUFC (JES)
Fri 5-Aug Home United - Gombak United (JBS)
Sat 6-Aug Balestier Khalsa - Tampines Rovers (TPY)
Sun 7-Aug SAFFC - CYL (CCK)

Mon 8-Aug Woodlands Wellington - Albirex Niigata (S) (WLD)
Mon 8-Aug Geylang United - Home United (BDK)
Wed 10-Aug CYL - Etoile FC (JBS)
Wed 10-Aug Tampines Rovers - Hougang United (TMP)
Thu 11-Aug SAFFC - TPUFC (CCK)
Fri 12-Aug Gombak United - Woodlands Wellington (JBS)
Sat 13-Aug Geylang United - CYL (BDK)

S-league Preview IXX & XX - 5 right with 1 perfect score and 9 wrong 

CYL vs Hougang United
Will Hougang be tired? Likely as they just endured a grueling campaign of 4 games in 11 days in the league cup that ended disappointingly. Mentally they will be affected no matter what as they came so close to a trophy. So this game will be a test but can they beat the Cubs in that state? 100%! They have the players so Aide have to pick them up. 2-1 to Hougang

Balestier Khalsa vs Home United
The Tigers have not shown they are in any sort of form other than being terrible now. It is a bad time to face Home United who will welcome back their national players and to be honest, the Protectors  may not even need them against the Toa Poyah side. 3-0 to Home

Tampines Rovers vs Geylang United
The Stags are slowly regaining their form after a blip in June. They have now won their least two league games and one of them was against the league champions, Etoile FC. More encouragingly was the fact they kept a clean sheet in both their victories despite a keeper crisis. Now they have signed French keeper Yohann Lacroix until the end of the season, they will be looking to build from that. 2-0 to Tampines

Etoile FC - SAFFC
It is tough to predict when the big guns matchup but this one I have to give it to the French. They looked to have recruited well in the transfer window and their financial situation have improved thus giving their players a peace of mind that should increase their morale. Indeed talks that they are here to stay for years to come show they have more faith in local football than that man in charge of it (who I wondered why he was appointed by the government in the first place since he does not seem to have time or even faith in local football but that is another story) Thus even with the point penalty, the French are not out of the title race and the faith they have shown, I return to them as well as the Warriors have blown hot and cold and at this point in time, the French are hot. 3-1 to Etoile FC  

Albirex Niigata (S) vs TPUFC
The League Cup champions will be glad their league campaign resume a few more days after their League Cup one ended. They have endured three games that needed extra-time and out these two of them - semi-final and - Final - required PK to sort it out. Physically or Mentally, it must have taken a lot out of them so they will be even more delighted they will have the easy task of the Jaguars. The Jaguars are stronger now but is not yet there to challenge the newly-crowned League Cup champions. 2-0 to Albirex

Home United vs Gombak United 
The Protectors are facing a tough schedule now of playing 3 games in 6 days. The Bulls are the second match and no matter how one think, they are still a difficult side to face as we do not know which one will turn up. However, the Protectors want to be champions then they need to win such matches in such grueling schedule. And there is no excuse as they have a squad to deal with it. 2-1 to the Protectors

Balestier Khalsa vs Tampines Rovers 
Anybody seriously think the Tigers can stand up to the Stags? Few, right (if any). In the best of time, the Tigers may have a chance, like at the start of the season when they put up a bus in front of their goalpost to win a point,  but now they are in the worst run of the season where they cannot pick up a point even against bottom sides like Woodlands Wellington, we know they have no chance. 2-0 to Stags  

Like the Tigers -Stags match, one cannot see how the Cubs will upset a Warriors looking to win the 2011 S-league crown. The Warriors cannot afford to mess up now as they have no way back into the title race unlike earlier in the season and Richard Bok is an experienced enough coach to know that now is crunch time. 2-1 to the Warriors  

Woodlands Wellington vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The White Swans are smiling as they have a soft schedule to return to from their grueling League Cup campaign. The Rams are a much improved side like the Jaguars who faced the White Swans days earlier but is it enough? Not likely and the only hope they have is that the White Swans will be feeling the effect of playing so many games in the past month. A chance even if it is a slim one. 2-2 draw

Geylang United vs Home United
A tough end to the grueling schedule facing Home. The Eagles are much tougher now as they have toughen up their team in the transfer window and it looked to have paid off. The Eagles are climbing up the league table and in the League Cup, they should have finished off the eventful League Cup champions, Albirex Niigata (S), if they held up for another few more minutes. That is how good good they are now and Home should not think they can walk away with 3 points easily. They will need their full team for this one and it should be enough, if only just. 2-1 to Home

CYL vs Etoile FC 
I cannot see how the champions who are on a good run will fall now. The last time round, the Cubs caught them cold as they were back from an enforced rest that clearly disrupted their form. Now two months later, the French side are in great shape and form and they can beat the Cubs. No doubt about it. 2-0 to Etoile 

Tampines Rovers vs Hougang United
Hougang have shown they can take on the big boys on their day so will it be this day? Surely the Stags will have learn their lesson in the 2-0 defeat at Hougang earlier in the season and they will have prepared well to take on the North-East side. A slip up now will be disastrous and the Stags must know that. On their own day, Hougang will not be a match but now is not the time to take such chances. They must stifle the Cheetah at Tampines. 3-1 to Tampines   

Surely the Warriors will not slip up against the Jaguars again. If they have not learn anything the last time round, the Warriors deserved to fall but if they have, they must know they need to win this match no matter what. 2-0 to SAFFC

Gombak United vs Woodlands Wellington
I have no trust in the Bulls (This is well-known) even as they should start as favourite here. They have a light schedule in view of other teams who have to play as many as 3 of 4 matches in a few days. They are well-rested so they should beat as man for man they are still better than the Rams. But mentally I feel they suck and the Rams, having spend so much effort rebuilding in the transfer window, will put a fight and i am willing to trust them for this one. 2-2 draw 

Geylang United vs CYL
The last of the Eagles own  grueling schedule but at least they are spread out over 11 days unlike their opponent who have one more game squeeze in and this will be the Cubs third games in 7 days. I cannot see how they will be able to match up to the the Eagles after such a run. The Eagles now have the weapons - Yuta Nakano - to harm their rivals and they should take advantage of it. 3-1 to the Eagles

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