Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aussies set to join EAFF

The Football Federation of Australia (FFA) is set to join the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) family according to news from Hong Kong.

They will be playing in the EAFF Cup although they have to start from the qualifiers.

Australia will be grouped alongside North Korea, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei and the preliminary round winner (Guam, Macau or Northern Mariana Islands).

This is disappointing news for me as I had hoped FFA will join the AFF family instead as the benefits will not just be good for ASEAN football on the field but also off it as let be honest ASEAN FAs have much to learn commercially (Suzuki Cup is a success as the rights are held by WSG and not because ASEAN FAs run it well) 

ASEAN had it chance but it is just too scared to lose their only chance of a trophy.

Looked like ASEAN will be struck as Asia weakest region, alongside South Asia, for a lon.......g time to come whether we want to argue about it or not.

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