Monday, July 23, 2012

Split not that bad

There have been much discussion on the plan by FAS to have a split system for the S-league next season.

To be honest, I have no problem with the split system as it bring the number of games in the league to 34-36 (depending on system) for the teams.

Of course, why I like the league to have a minimum of 30 games have been written before so I will say it briefly, it is for the good of the local league as it is next to impossible for a professional league to run for a season with too few games and what we see this season, with so many break, is a problem we should avoid.    

Indeed Duric must be wondering why we are taking a break yet again (As he spoke about it to the media a while ago) when the league just resume 2 weeks ago and this is the fourth time it is happening so how can the league build any momentum under such a situation.

Also a number of league have a form of split and it is not just Scottish Premier League but also the likes of Belgium Pro League and Greece Super League etc so they have their supporters.

As for those who given up on their split like Swiss Super League and Austrian Football Bundesliga etc they have still ensure they have 3-4 rounds system of games so as to have a reasonable of games.

So no matter what system one can think of, it is clear a need for a minimum of 30 games is unavoidable. 

Yet I do not believe in bringing teams into the league just for the sake of making up the number to 16-18.

A number of European (especially Eastern Europe) league do just that yet the problem they are encountering is directly linked to that; There are just too many weak teams plagued by weak management that will not survived in the dog eat dog environment.

Weak management is worse than any type of split system or even the previous three-rounds system and it can be seem in our current FAS president. (He is a weak president who I think have done nothing but is always around to claim credit and never around when there are problem to solve )

Just looking at some of the defunct S-league sides like Sembawang Rangers and Jurong FC - Sembawang management time saw them more busy fighting among themselves while Jurong management was noted as being unwilling to change or listen - showed us the problems ahead.

Where are we going to get the manpower to fill up the number we need if we want to bring the National Football League into the equation like some are suggesting.

Example: National Football League (NFL) Division Two club Admiralty FCis showing ambition by seeking S-league membership and they have the aid of one-time Woodlands Wellington mentor R Vengadasalam.

This is good and nothing against R Vengadasalam but my Viewpoint article - They will be remembered in time - will explain everything.

Father clock is not on their side and the problems Geylang United faced this season with new management (whom their fans are accusing of lacked of ambitions) showed the problems of getting the right persons (It can no longer be a one-man team anymore) at the right age as well. (It is a long process so they need decades on their clock) 

Like any plans there will be pros and cons and I have read many cons so here are the pros 

Pro of a split
  • Top teams get more creditable games as they will be playing against stronger side (It is not just number of games like I say in the POV article - You scratch my back and I scratch yours - but also the quality)
  • Bottom sides will also come out to play football more as unlike strong vs weak they will be more willing to come out against teams of their own strength so they will be learning more
  • It does not affect the bottom half as much as talked about for even without a split the likes of Geylang and Woodlands will have little to play by the halfway stage for they cannot challenge consistently
  • A Plate trophy can be created like some are suggesting although some will ask if it is fair a middle table team get a trophy when second do not have it
In the end, the Scottish Premier League also show us  that the split is not as bad as suggested for the Scots had the chance to ditch the system last year but in the end, they did not as they admitted there was no better plan for a 16-team league just have more weaker teams and will it help.

So the Split System has it own advantages for a country that cannot support too many teams at this point.

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