Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Duric want to be Tampines fitness coach

Aleksandar Duric has revealed his plans for next year in a podcast with Goal website.

There will be no international football anymore for the 42-year-old with the end-year Suzuki Cup his swansong but the S-league may see him for another year as a part-time player.

The job he really want is to be Tampines Rovers fitness coach and he has pass the word to the club management.

The club, up to now, have not given him any direction yet if they will agreed.

However, it will be good for all concern as readers will know I still support the Beep Test because many players are still not taking care of their fitness and if they want it gone then they need to take care of it as good as Duric (which many are not)

Indeed, the host, Jason Dasey, noted Duric is still amazing fit at his age and if the next generation of players at Tampines come under his charge, they will 'suffer' (it benefit as he was making a joke) for it.

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