Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How about aiming your gun at your boss, the culprit, for once, Raddy

It seem Raddy cannot go a week without me asking him why he does not aim for his boss; the culprit of the trouble.

Is Raddy that desperate to please his boss that no matter what, he will blamed everybody else 

First of all, let looked at an old Viewpoint article - Forcing clubs will do nobody any good - and asked if that problem had been solved.

Indeed our current FAS President promised to look at the problem yet looking at the date of the article, it has been over 18 months and FAS is still paying clubs only $100k for their centres of excellence (COEs).

Let break it down - $100k for both Under-18 and Under-16, meaning 40 players, and I am not including their coaches.

That is only $2500 per player and divided by month, it is $208.3 for the youth development of our players.

Can you produced a player on that amount and I do not need him to be as good as Hariss.

If you can, I will be generous and give an extra 10% so you get $230. 

So it has been the clubs who has been paying for all the youth development, as the amount FAS give is unlikely to cover any cost, yet until now FAS still do not respect that

That why we come to another point which has been raised by Balestier Khalsa vice-chairman Thavaneson Selvaratnam last year about the problem of how FAS is asking (in turth poaching) for their Under-23 players without any form of compensation.

Do you expect clubs to spend money to develop players just so that FAS can get them whenever they want.

Before going on, I will say clubs are developing players but it is at an older age so FAS will not poach those players for let looked at Balestier, they constantly rebuild and other clubs do come to look their players so it is clear they do produced players of a certain quality but without more security from FAS, do not expect much more.

Going onwards, how about let say you win the Suzuki Cup at the end of the year and yet people remind you deserve no credit because it is all Sundram credit, will you stand for it.

Maybe if you get a big fat contract and in the same situation, club management will not mind - After all FAS have been claiming such credits since forever - if they get some type of payment as there are bills to pay as let me remind you, $208.3 do not pay for anything.

After all that, let go into the role of an Football Association (FA) in youth development as honestly, youth development is one of the main role of an FA as pointed out in the first link which French Football Federation (FFF) played a major part in their.

However in Singapore, I would like to point out from Under-17 onwards until nearly Under 23, there is no development of any form.

Indeed, FAS is only focus on Under-15 and Under-16 because of the Lions City Cup but outside of that there is nothing for the rest of the youth group. 

People like to claim National Service (NS) is the hindrance but let remember people do not enlist until they are 18 and it is for 2 years but there is a gap of 6-7 years when youths have nothing to aim for.

It is worse than NS and all I see for the past few years is the media (SPH and MediaCorp) and FAS working together to boast they have a great development programme as they bring in some foreign expert who will always express what great development they have.

For me it is meaningless as one, those people are only here for a few hours to a few days so how can they assess anything and two, it is the same thing as for the now forgotten Strategic Plan which was praised to the sky by AFC to FIFA.

Yes, I save the best for last as your boss promised a National Training Centre (NTC) in Singapore by the end of his reign and with less than 6 months to go until his departure, not a single word about it from FAS or our dear SPH media.

It was to have been his crown jewel, remember, as he wanted to be known as the man for youth development but what has he done to get the land (Any land as I never wish for Farrer Road for I am a pragmatic man)

If it happen anywhere but in Singapore, people will be reminding our soon-to-depart FAS President of his failure for UK guardian has lambasted the English FA ex-chairman for over a decade for never fulfilling the promise of a Football Academy in their time.

However, like the SPH media, you seem to forget your boss is suppose to be the top man in charge of any youth development as that is what an FA do and as FAS President, what has he done.

So the next time you aim your gun, Raddy, please do not forget your boss, the man of broken promises, for let asked where is the NTC now.

P.S. If you can develop a player with only $208.3, please step forward to do the job as I can tell you all the clubs in the world will want you for they spend many times that amount.

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