Sunday, March 19, 2017

Better to admit errors

One knows how bad a job one has done when one claims to have nothing to do with it.

That is the message I got from FAS provisional council president Lim Kia Tong outbursts about his opponents weakness.

I am not going to suggest his claims are wrong but why have it come to a situation where the incumbents are in such a terrible situation where they're not assured of a win.

The fact is incumbents always have the advantage in an election as their opponents lacked a track record to back them up.

After all, the opposition's supporters (I am talking about politics if one do not know) in Singapore always moaned the public never gave them a chance to prove their worth but honestly speaking, PAP have govern well so to suggest the public should change for the sake of change is naivety.

It will only happen when one has done such a terrible job that the public can no longer tahan being govern by the same people anymore.

We can see that from the election in Taiwan last year where despite overwhelming wins in both the presidential and parliament race, the once-opposition and now government, DDP had really gathered less votes than ever as it was the fact large number of neutrals (who hated both sides for the mess Taiwan is in) and KMT supporters chosen to boycott the election for the terrible job KMT had done as their average salary stagnated to the same level as 20 years ago.

So incumbents are only in trouble when they govern that badly and to suggest Lim, Bernard Tan and Edwin Tong are not part of that group that led to the current situation in Singapore football is a joke.

They can't claimed Bernard Tan and Edwin Tong came in 2013 so were not involved in most of the decisions make under the worthless and inept Zainduin Nordin leadership as may I remind the incumbents that they're going to sign a new contract with FAM in 2015 where we pump in more money to the Malaysian sides while cutting our own to the bare bones.

It was fortunate Malaysian states FA rejected the offer as inadequate and wanted more than we can afford or one can already imagine the-even-worse state we be in as more money get pumped into Malaysia, not Singapore, football while screaming we're poor by FAS leadership (which includes the trio)

And yet with a 'poor financial' situation, as they always claimed they're poor, they had no problem paying 6-figure sums to their fellow elites of Winston Lee and Lim Chin despite the duo continuing to be failure in their jobs.

Lim along with Tan and Tong should admit their roles and not try to whitewash it away for if they got their way, we be in worse state than ever as they will never learn. (Some will suggest they will never learn and go back to their old elitism ways once this election is over)

You, trio, have nobody to blame if you lose the election as you're the cause of much of your downfall.

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