Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The problems a datasheet do not show

I would agree with Straits Times headline that pulling the Young Lions would be a mistake but as noted before the direction of the Cubs are wrong and Football Association of Singapore (FAS)  have to face up to it.

As expected of FAS, whenever they want to prove they're right, they pull out a datasheet to prove their point.

What they failed to note is what use are the minutes if the players are learning nothing.

Afterall, if they have gone to watch the games the Cubs are playing in, they'll have noted the Cubs are putting so many players behind the ball that I wonder how can any attacking midfielders or strikers learn from that.

Is it any wonder then those players have to resort to long ball to attack as they have no other way to attack as their players are always in their own half.

That is why in the 2015 SEA Games, even against a Philippines second team make of college players playing together for the first time, the Cubs had to resort to long balls and was more comfortable playing long stretch of the game as a defensive unit.

We're outplayed throughout the entire competition so what use was those minutes on the field.

That is why I want the Young Lions to be a team for fringes players like in 2003 as those players are older thus likely to be more mature and understand that is their last chance to become a footballer.

FAS Technical director Michel Sablon also talked about other points like mindset and he is right about them but he ignored the mindset of his paymaster, FAS.

A big part of the problem youth development sucks in Singapore is FAS demanded all credits must go to them.

Have he seem their interview in the past, it is always (National Football Academy) NFA this or NFA that and they do not want to involved others in their work as they fear credits will be directed elsewhere.

I have said this before; no nation in the world have only one source for their players yet FAS can demand all their players from NFA to Young Lions must go onto become national players.

That is unrealistic and it is holding us back.

Even the world best youth development developed no more than 5-6 players, if they're lucky for most of the time it is only 1-2 players, every generation.

Keeping Young Lions as it is keep that mindset alive as they've to produce players to national side or face criticisms about their 'failures'.

That is why there are some quarters wondering why certain players were promoted even when they were underserved of their places in the Cubs and national team.

Isn't it better to change that mindset as well?

And the excuse of SEA Games preparation is lame.

Why do every SEA Games squad have to be formed several years beforehand as SEA Games winner Thailand do not need to do that and is fine with that.

The fact is if you've a good youth development with many sources, good players will develop with or without a SEA Games gold medal.

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