Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PAP must abide by their moral standard

No matter the outcome of FAS new executive council investigation into donategate, one thing is already certain from the information so far; under the reign of former FAS President Zainduin Nordin, the 3 scourge - including Winston Lee and Lim Chin - saw themselves as FAS Feudal Lords and did whatever they wished without any control by the then executive council.

It was wrong and make a mockery of the 'superior system' of forced installation of the FAS President upon Singapore football by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).

It was their man, former Bishan-Toa Poyah MP, Zainduin Nordin who had engineered this mess by allowing his fellow scourge and subordinate, Winston Lee, to run amok as long as he served the wishes and interest of the FAS President.

The appointment of the puppet, Lim Chin, was for the same reason as he was content to collect his six-figure salary as long as it was not him who was getting sacked or a pay cut. (Remember Tanjong Pagar United incident)

Nothing was done for the interest of Singapore football, only the interest and wishes of the FAS President.

After that come to the headline and  I must said PAP must act now as their man, Zainduin Nordin, is involved in the matter and he is hiding behind the fact he is a former PAP MP, the ruling government, thus he does not answered to anybody.

This is totally ridiculous and a slap on the face of the ruling government constant talks of higher standard of morality from their MPs.

There are many questions to ask other than just the $500k as remember the $200k donation as well which raised other questions.
1) Have he seem those documents from Tiong Bahru and what was his reaction
2) Why was it not debated at executive council as the law stated
3) Was the $200k really for Lions XII or as revealed by TODAY then it was meant as FAM levy (I bet everybody forgotten about this)
4) How much was really given to FAM for LionsXII involvement and where did the money come from
5) How much donation were there really under his reign (Bill Ng money were hide from public view so there may be more)
6) Where did all donation under his reign really go and everything must be stated

Only the PAP executive board can forced the 51-year-old to open his mouth and reveal the whole truth and not hided behind the ridiculous reason he is no longer FAS President as donategate and other matters all happen under his reign and his name was used to hide it from almost the entire FAS Executive Council.

The 3 fedual lords and scourges cannot just walk away now just because they are all, or soon to be, not involved with FAS anymore.

Remember corruption start when the elites ignored failing by their own elites

Lee Kuan Yew will never allowed this as it involved public funds and he always asked the PAP to abide by a higher standard of moral conduct.

Now his son and current Prime Minister can show if PAP is such a party or only one when it does not involved their people.

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