Friday, April 7, 2017

Overseas trips only benefit elites

This TODAY article is a week long but I still want to respond to it because for me, the issue of importance of overseas trips must be discussed more thoroughly.

Yes it is important, Mr Lim Kia Tong, but does all these trips really benefit Singapore football or just the elites running the game.

As I noted before, still-FAS general-secretary Winston Lee was praised for his overseas works but the domestic game is in a mess.

Now Winston Lee have a job overseas because of what he did but for the local lads, not among these elites, they just have a paycut waiting for them.

The departed worthless and inept Zainduin Nordin was pushing for ASL to get a job after this departure as noted by news article then.

What was the use of all those connections other than to benefit the 3 scourges - including puppet Lim Chin - Singapore football!

These connections will never bring our players overseas as our players do not have a good  reputation and other Asian Associations are not going to push Singapore players to their clubs knowing the backlash.

All we get out of it are a few overseas trial every now and then and we know how it ends.

Also Mr Lim, you have no problems missing local events but have a problem missing even one overseas event and that's a bigger problem for if you're elected, you promised to bring National Football League (NFL) under your direct guidance.

You have no time for local events as it is so are you going to have a nominee but is this not repeating the current FAS model and we have seem how it is working. (All blames to nominee and all credits to Mr Lim etc)

The fact is that there is no shortcuts and only by building the domestic game will it bring Singapore football to greater height and not overseas trips which just benefit the ruling elites.

So in conclusion overseas trips are important but they must not come at the cost of the local game as it is now where the ruling elites spend all their time and efforts overseas while ignoring the local game.

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