Monday, July 4, 2011

S-league Preview IXX & XX

Mon 4-Jul Gombak United - Albirex Niigata (S) (JWS)
Tue 5-Jul Balestier Khalsa - TPUFC (TPY)
Wed 6-Jul Home United - SAFFC (BSN)
Thu 7-Jul Woodlands Wellington - Courts Young Lions (WLD)
Thu 7-Jul Albirex Niigata (S) - Hougang United (JES)
Fri 8-Jul Tampines Rovers - Etoile FC (JBS)
Sat 9-Jul TPUFC - Gombak United (CMT)
Sun 10-Jul Woodlands Wellington - Balestier Khalsa (WLD)
Sun 10-Jul SAFFC - Hougang United (CCK)

Mon 11-Jul Etoile FC - Home United (QTN))
Tue 12-Jul Courts Young Lions - Tampines Rovers (JBS)
Wed 13-Jul SAFFC - Albirex Niigata (S) (CCK)
Thu 14-Jul Etoile FC - Balestier Khalsa (QTN)
Fri 15-Jul Hougang United - Woodlands Wellington (JBS)
Sun 17-Jul Geylang United - Etoile FC (BDK)

S-league Preview XVII & XVIII - 9 right with 2 perfect score and 6 wrong 

Gombak United - Albirex Niigata (S) 
I do not trust the Bulls and whatever Darren Stweart say to defend his charges, it is clear his men has a mental block. They just do not have the killer instinct to win matches and against the White Swans they may pay the price once again. 2-1 to White Swans

Balestier Khalsa - TPUFC 
Both teams are in bad shape thus it is a match that could be determine by those minor details so the safe route is a draw. Of course we know once one side side score the other one may face a 'determined' backline as it could be a one-goal game. 0-0 draw 

Home United - SAFFC
The tie of the week as the season near it 2/3 mark for we know the uniform sides are hitting form while their rivals - Tampines Rovers and Etoile FC - get hit by injuries, poor form or a point penalty. This meeting should not yet decide the title but it will still be crucial. So whose defence, midfield and attack will prevail?  Tough to break them apart. The Warriors defence are in no way inferior to Home combo partnership of Hiek and Kenjia. At the same time, Qiu Li and Mendy are racking as many goals as Karoglan. So it is midfield that will proved the difference as Home engine room have more creative juice than the Warriors who have clearly struggled to replace the spark Therdask once provided. But the Warriors have more steel now with the inclusion of Subara but Home can boast workmen like Nor Azli Yusoff and Isa Halim. Until now, it is clear, whatever the Warriors can boast of, Home can boast of another as well. Two formidable foes and a meeting which will be decided by little details on the day. 2-2 draw

Woodlands Wellington - Courts Young Lions
Who do one trust? It is question best answered by how well they did in the transfer market. If the Cubs had they players they want they will be the team to win this match but if they have not then it is all square. As for the Rams, it is no less different as the foreigners they want will improved their team but it is a matter of whether the Northern side will get them. Until then, let play safe as always. 1-1 draw 

Albirex Niigata (S) - Hougang United
2 tough matches in just 4 days. Even the White Swans will feel the effect. The Cheetah should take advantage as they have the means to do that and frankly they cannot sit back now as they have weaken their defence to go on the prowl. They can only attack now. So let watch if the Cheetah have the claws to do that or whether they will be caught cold at the back even more frequent now (They have the worst defensive record of the top 8 teams). 3-2 to Hougang  

Tampines Rovers - Etoile FC
The Stags are no longer the unbreakable force it was in the first round. But they are still formidable foes and the Champions have to be aware of the damages the Stags could inflict on their already slim title hopes. This is also the case for the Stags. In other words, whoever loses this match will find their 2011 season at it end. Finishing second or third mean nothing to both clubs as their target is the championship. It is a genuine case of win or bust now as the damages could well be irreversible. And I believe the French side will come out this encounter stronger as the Stags are fumbling. 3-1 to Etoile FC     

TPUFC - Gombak United
If the Bulls do not win this one, I do not know what else t to say about their mental state. Win or bust. This is the time for the Bulls to show what kind team they are. 2-0 to the Bulls 

Woodlands Wellington vs Balestier Khalsa
The Rams are 'giving' points to whoever is meeting them but so are the Balestier themselves. This is a meeting between 2 sides who are  and what will decide the match iswho will make less mistakes. At this moment in time, I see the Tigers as the team that will make the less error. 2-1 to Balestier 

SAFFC - Hougang United 
The Warriors are in form and they should have no problem netting all 3 points in this encounter. The Cheetahs have shown good form this season but their biggest weakness have been a poor backline so the Warriors should have no poking holes in that. As for the Cheetah own attacks, I am not should they will be able to that to a Warriors that could afford to offload Hammond - who have been an impressive defender in his years in the S-league. 3-1 to SAFFC

Etoile FC - Home United
The Protectors can end the title hopes of the French side but will the 2010 champions go quietly. Unlikely as they still want to prove their detractors wrong and show they are a side worthy of playing in the S-league when their deal end next year. And they could well do that as they will need no motivation to play against Home - a foe who is as good as them in every department. 3-3 draw 

Courts Young Lions - Tampines Rovers
The Stags must win encounter as they cannot afford to drop points now to sides like the Cubs. The Cubs are beatable and Tampines Rovers should get all 3 points. They have no excuse (other than the fact they only Duric to score goals for them) 2-1 to Tampines Rovers 

SAFFC - Albirex Niigata (S)
A Chance for the Warriors to take their revenge on the White Swans. Earlier in the season, we all know what happen as the Japanese side thrashed SAFFC 6-3 at Jurong East. Now it is not just about revenge but whether the Warriors are championship material. The Warriors should know the importance of such encounters as points dropped along the way against like Albirex may proved crucial come the final day. 2-1 to SAFFC  

Etoile FC - Balestier Khalsa
We all know who should and must this encounter so I will keep it short. It is not Balestier Khalsa. 2-0 to Etoile FC

Hougang United - Woodlands Wellington
It is not a case of whether the Cheetahs should get the win. It is a case of they must as the Rams are giving points to many of their rivals. And with the point penalty, dropping such 'easy points' will be a killer blow to their chance of finishing in the top half with Gombak and Geylang still in with a chance to overtake the Hougang club. 3-1 to Hougang 

Geylang United - Etoile FC
The Eagles have been on an impressive run collecting full points from their last 5 games. But I am not certain they are that good. The Champions should get full points if they play to their potential as they can breach the Eagles backline while for the Eagles, let say their attack is nothing special. For the Champions, picking these points will be important as they still retain a small chance if they pick up all the points they have on their title rivals and it is possible. 2-1 to Etoile FC

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