Friday, February 11, 2011

Bulls are not finished yet

They have lost key players before the big kick-off to the 2011 Great-Eastern-Yeo’s S-League.

Yet ahead of the opening bell this season, Gombak United head coach Darren Stewart believed the Bulls are not finished yet as some of the critics are claiming.

While he admit it will be another year of rebuilding for the Bulls, he believed the Bulls can still do well as they have retained 65% of their squad.

The Aussie said: “Top-three is not a practical target because we are rebuilding the squad. We are better team than last year and it is our job now to debunk talk we are finished as a side because we’ve
managed to put a decent squad together.”

Nigerian defender Obadin Aikhena agreed with his head coach as he acknowledged his defence partnership with Walid Lounis will be crucial to the Bulls rebuilding effort.

And he indicate both are on their way to building that partnership as they are better with each passing day.

That is why the Bulls could once again be the team to look for (outside the championship contenders)

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