Monday, February 28, 2011

S-league Preview III (Edited to add in Albirex Niigata (S) vs Tampines Rovers)

S-league Preview II - 3 right and 3 wrong

Mon 28-Feb Balestier Khalsa - Courts Young Lions (TPY)
Tue 1-Mar Gombak United - Etoile FC (JWS)
Wed 2-Mar Hougang United - Home United (HGS)
Thu 3-Mar Courts Young Lions - Geylang United (JBS)
Fri 4-Mar TPUFC - Woodlands Wellington (JBS) 
Sun 6-Mar Albirex Niigata (S) vs Tampines Rovers (JES)

Balestier Khalsa vs Courts Young Lions
Will the Tigers get their first win after 2 draw? I am not sure. Yes, they will be hard to beat but to win mean playing a different way and until now there is no indication they can do that. Neither do I believed the Cubs can do that even as they take more risk than the Tigers for their squad is still learning. That mean draw is a likely outcome unless the Tigers finally take risk to win matches. 1-1 draw 

Gombak United vs Etoile FC
A draw and a goalless one at that. This is the image forming in my mind. I cannot see the Bulls winning it unless they come out charging (which they have not done) while the champions looked to have lost their main forward Jonathan Justin to injury. The Champions are also still adapting to Singapore condition so they have been slumbering in their last 3 matches; winning only 1 of them. 0-0 draw 

Hougang United vs Home United
The Protectors will walk away with all 3 points as long as Qiu Li play a part of the game. That is how big a influence the Singapore forward has on the team as last week he make the game safe by winning a spotkick and scoring one goal in 45 minutes of work. This is important as it is clear Mendy is adapting to his new club and is unable to show the form he has with Etoile FC last term. Until then, Qiu Li will be needed and so will Sufian Anuar who pop up with two goals already. 3-0 to Home United 

Courts Young Lions vs Geylang United
There will be a capacity crowd, that is sure. The question is will the Eagles be willing to play a part in it and come out to play football or will they park their team at the back, like always, and hope for the best on counters? Mike Wong is the coach of Geylang United, not Singapore football, so I am guessing it is option two as he will be looking for 3 points; not who is watching on the stands. The Cubs though will be asked to attack and I can see them being caught by those counters as they will have to impress and that mean more players will go forward. 2-0 to Geylang United 

TPUFC vs Woodlands Wellington 
The battle of the Wooden Spoon. This may sound cruel as only 2 rounds have been played but the Rams are unwilling to climb up the table if they do not score as defending all the way can only take one so far while the Jaguars, if they are happy to celebrate even when losing, you know their aim is low. It is a tough one as the first goal will decide this game in my opinion and since the Jaguars had open their account already, I have to go with that as after 3 losses the Rams may finally come to attack in future games. 1-0 to the Jaguars

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Tampines Rovers
The White Swans are top but it mean nothing as until now they have not been tested as their oppositions in their first two matches are that weak. The Stags are more battle-harden and it is over the years so it much better to trust the likes of veterans like Duric than the youngsters of the White Swans. 3-1 to the Stags

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