Wednesday, February 2, 2011

S-league seed money increase by 30%-40%

FAS have increased the S-league money by 30%-40% for the clubs for the 2011 season.

So local clubs should received S$650k min this season but after deducting the SSC fees and everything else, and based on the figures provided by Balestier Khalsa weeks ago, there should be no more than S$370k left for most clubs; provided SSC does not increase fees again.   

Let be positive and say it is a reboot but let be honest as well and say that it will help more that after all that, the money should have been more than 1996, the year S-league started, seed money of $400k after everything else.

However, like I noted before it is a long process - meaning decades - for the league to build up so if the money trail stalled again after this year then I see little point celebrating as it will be the year 2000 once more.

The work is only starting and S$650k should be seem as a start and not the end.

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