Sunday, February 27, 2011

Starhub to boardcast matches on SuperSports Arena & Preview channel

Local cable broadcaster Starhub is being tasked to provide the "LIVE" coverage of this season's Great Eastern-YEO's S.League's matches on every Friday night at 7.25pm from the Jalan Besar Stadium.

While terrestrial broadcaster MediaCorp's Channel 5 will show a delayed telecast of the matches on Saturdays (the following day).

Asia’s leading sports marketing, media and event management company - World Sport Group has been appointed to produce the weekly ‘live’ broadcast and magazine show with highlights of S.League action from the previous week’s matches.

StarHub TV customers will be able to watch the ‘live’ matches on the complimentary SuperSports Arena (StarHub TV Channel 201) while non-StarHub TV customers can also catch the ‘live’ broadcast even without a StarHub TV set-top box.

Telecast schedules for S.League matches on StarHub TV are available at 

For non-StarHub TV subscribers, the generic tuning-in procedures to receive ‘live’ S.League broadcasts are:
  • Select an unused channel on the TV unit.
  • Press the TUNING button on the TV remote control or at the front panel of the TV unit, commonly labelled as [PRESET], [INSTALL], [SET], [P/C] or [MENU>TUNE>MANUAL]. If the TV unit does not have any of these buttons, please refer to the TV manual.
  • Start tuning by pressing or selecting the VOLUME +/- button or the CHANNEL UP/DOWN button on the TV remote control until a StarHub slide appears on the screen.
  • Next, press the STORE or MEM button on the TV remote control to store the tuning.
  • Press the MENU or PRESET button to end or exit the tuning procedure.

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