Sunday, January 8, 2012

A step closer toward North Korea

The report is here so you can find out who is the new S-league CEO after SEVEN MONTHS OF SEARCHING

For me, this is the meritocracy system I keep hearing about from our PAP leadership and a panel make up of those party members show what it mean now.

In the end, no matter what, always appoint your own man in charge.

We are fast becoming North Korea now; if not in term of football but certainly system.

In the same period when North Korea appoint a leader because he is somebody son, that government panel, which consist totally of civil servants and a ex-military man, appoint a solider after claiming they were looking for somebdy from private sector.

In Spore, you want to head an organisation. Join the Army as looked at how they are just parachute to head Spore.

PUB - Navy (they got the right man as he flooding Orchard)
SNOC - Army (Look at the infighting before SEA games before it was time even to claim credits)
SSC - Army
Ministers - Army

So much for meritocracy.

Long live the military.

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