Monday, January 16, 2012

They will be remembered in time

From the title header, one may think I am going to write a story about some star players but in fact, it is a bunch of ageing men.

However they are more important than any star players, FAS chairman or even sponsors as they are still around despite the blows they have constantly received for all their endless contributions to grassroot Singapore football.

And they continue to have the fire in their belly to fight on.

Yes, they are the clubs chairman.

Over a decade on since he took over Tampines Rovers and he is still showing how much love has for local football but even he cannot fight father time.

This photo from Pohui facebook (just ignore that man in the middle) showed the ageing face of many of the clubs chairman.

I am not being ageism but that is reason I believed they will be remembered in time because they may well be the last batch of 'fools' to contribute so much to Singapore football yet expect little to, in truth, nothing in return.

For let be honest, football worldwide in general is never profitable to clubs in the best of time let alone Singapore football and the money a few of these guys have contributed would have bought them a thing the average Singaporeans desired.

I am talking about a piece of property as it is no secret that over the years, the likes of Teo, S.Thavaneson or Patrick Ang etc are believed to have spend that much on the clubs they loved.

But what have they got in return?

Backstabbing time and time again by FAS and ignorance from the average fans (or should I call spectators instead of the most sensitive term of gloryhunters) as well as our 'beloved' SPH media if one is honest.

Indeed I will be honest and say if I have the cash, I will never contribute that kind of amount as I do not see any reason why I should for FAS will get the credits while I am struck with the bills.

If I buy a property I will see returns but never for Singapore football if history is a guide.

Just looked at the blows to Geylang United management (as it is not Patrick Ang but the likes of Robert Lim and Seak Poh Leng etc as well) time and time again.

In 1996, S-league inaugural year, many promises were make by FAS top brass but virtually none were kept and as a result Geylang United were left with a debt over a million dollars .

If they had walked away then no one can blamed them but they stayed and worked hard to make their beloved club debt-free again and it was no easy task as Singapore was embroiled in three recessions in a five-year period.

Amidst all that, Geylang were still spending a decent amount to contend with the uniform teams as they finished in the top three in four of the next seven years alongside a league title.

That was no mean feat and in 2003, it seem as the Eagles will embark on the glory days until FAS came calling and Geylang had to release 7 - the most by any clubs then - players to Young Lions.

Again, if Geylang management walked away, who can blamed them as nobody like to develop players and then see them go off (for free somemore)

Talks of national interest mean nothing for the general election last year show one can be pushed in the name of national interest for only that far.

Just a side track, if Singapore public continue to agree to accept the same conditions as in the past decade Singapore economy as a nation can continue to grow at a decent pace but of course, whether the general public get to taste the fruits is another matter.

Same reason; talks of national interest sound hallow if clubs are asked to carry the burden alone while FAS get most of the fruits. 

As example just see the Suzuki Cup wins or SEA Games bronze of the past decade, clubs were an afterthought despite them being asked to contribute players like last year, when Tampines were asked to give up Shahdan Sulaiman even as they were in a title race.

Just think if the Stags had ended up second the other players and staffs will have lose out on bonuses while all the work the management done to build the team are wasted.

All in the name of national interest.

Sorry but PAP, which our FAS president come from, tell us it is not enough just to base on that to incite talented personals to join the government and take a pay cut of over millions.

In that case what more for football where you are not paid a million dollars but rather you have to contribute that instead and do not expect any appreciation from the average fans or media   

You might as well spend it on yourself like what Bill Ng, Hougang United chairman, commented in which he noted he could have got a new Ferrari with the money he invested in the club.

He should have done so in my view as when the current Geylang management time is up, they will received nothing in return from anybody after over two decades of contribution of not just cash but also time and efforts.

Not like Alex Ferguson who was recognised last week by FIFA and Geylang and Balestier management causes are hardly any less important as unlike the Scotman, they did not received a income that allowed them to live a lifestyle above the average guys. (I have to point out again it is the other way around)

That why they are 'fools' and in the current climate in Singapore they may well be the last of their kind for let be honest our government is right to note such people are ever more difficult to find.

Singapore football or me do not deserved them for they have been subsidizing Singapore football for ages without any appreciation.

That why I have to say it for the last time, in time to come, they will be remembered as fewer and fewer will do it now (they will be missed especially by FAS as FAS must know they do not have the kind of cash on hand to spend every year)

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