Sunday, March 18, 2012

10% levy and hidden cost shock

TODAY has reported FAS is paying FAM a 10% Levy as well as the cost of their teams trip to Singapore.

This is a shock and reveal the turth on our FAS President once again which is he is a liar.

That man had claimed last July 2011 to a SPH reporter which was quoted  that FAS was not paying FAM anything other than the subsidies.

 Extra information as in today world we need to back it up.

That article which he was quoted was the first SPH Straits Times article back in July, 2011 which reported on his (Not mine) Malaysia team return to the Malaysian League and it was on the front page. (Yes, I remember and noted it down)

On the third page which the article extend to and toward the last few paragraph; a reporter from SPH had asked the FAS president if any levy was involved as this was part of the problem in the 90s.

That man reply there was no levy at all and FAS do not have to pay FAM anything other than the foreign club subsides.

People can check the National Library for old news to see if it is true.

Now there is the levy and take note we are also paying for their teams trip to Spore as well so it was a lie he told back in July or will our FAS president defend himself by claiming he was speaking a language nobody understood.

No wonder in news reports after the announcement FAM treated FAS well, especially this president, as we are pumping so much into them.

Their youth development will be getting RM$2million over the next 4 years for coming to S-league and in addition we are paying another 10% levy to them.

They have hit the jackpot for our youths have been reported that we can only afford to play one another (like how the U18 or even the U21 who compete in the recently concluded BHT train before going for international competition) and adding to that our internationals in the past 2 years are the likes of Chinese Taipei, Maldives and Selangor (Yes FAS even claimed Selangor is good enough to be an international before meeting a team like Jordan in the WCQ last year) etc

We now know where the money that have been saved is now as sponsors have not appear as claimed for SlikPro is sponsoring under their community programme and that mean they will move off after the contract is up and Starhub and Shop & Save (A Malaysia GLC) do not pat much in cash at all. 

Long Live FAS President who give millions to FAM but scrape to Singapore football.

Afterall, let be honest, if FAS is not paying anything as they claim they will be telling us now and rebuking the story.

PAP, for which our FAS president is from, like to note they put their figures upfront because they have nothing to hide like their Minister pay.

So why is it not so for our FAS president who is from PAP.

Why so much covering up the numbers and we only know now we are paying the levy plus their teams trip and the equally secretive figure of foreign club subsidies - which may come up to millions to Malaysia U23 in the S-league.

And it often after months after it happen - when most people forgot what they claimed and the difference in the story - that we see news get 'leaked out'.

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