Saturday, March 31, 2012

Development of youths not worth the money

For me this few sentences below make my headline and tell the story.
Yahoo interview

Lee admitted that having more financial muscle is helpful but is adamant that Singapore will look at ways to overcome the lack of it.

"Unlike other FAs, we have a limited budget and must always exercise financial prudence in everything we do. For example, instead of sending our youth teams for overseas training stints, we will arrange for them to play against older teams here first," he said.
It come from our regular 'no money guy' Winston Lee but as I note before this is hallow now as FAS is pumping millions into FAM through a Levy, foreign club subsidies and the footing of all the bills of the Malaysian teams traveling to Singapore.

It is NOT A SMALL BILL, Mr Winston Lee so how can you tell me FAS has no money when it is FAM 'BIGGEST SPONSOR'.

You can defend yourself only after releasing figures on how it cost just like you are willing to release the subsidy figure for local clubs.

Why is it you are willing to tell us how much money you 'pump into local football' (If they get the money as half of it is not guarantee unlike your money to FAM) but never how much you give to FAM.

What is there to hide!!!!!

Also if you or that man think playing older players is all there is to develop players then all the youths team can play your Malaysia team (Since it is costing a hand and a leg already)

But you guys must be the only guys in the world that think so as European clubs (since you mention Manchester United) DO SPEND REAL MONEY FOR THEIR YOUTHS TO TRAVEL AND DEVELOP THEIR TALENTS.

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If they have a limited budget. They should figure it out something to make things more interesting and the way that it should be.