Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Levy look set to raise (Edited to add in links)

It will like the levy will raise. That is my feeling on news by TODAY that FAM want to restrict that man team to Under23.

Indeed I talk about such a situation in Kallangroar forum but it was to be expected since news of the levy leak.

Let not kid ourselves, FAM only raise the age-limit because of the levy payment which was never mention back last July.

Below is the statement I make (I can be fortunate-teller) 

If our FAS president believed he will hve to take $ from his own pocket he will nvr sign such a contract

But the the turth is he knw it nt his $ so why brother as he will nt be in charge in another 1 yr time.

Let admit tht in another yr time the levy will go up again

FAM will tell FAS they wnt to reduce age-limit to U25 or U23 & our FAS president will wnt the glory at all cost. (It nt his $ in first place)

Tht was why FAS gave levy in the first place while claiming no $ all the time

It so much easy to conquer MSL despite wht media say abt 'tough' teams so FAS president (all politicians who have to shw PM Lee something) will choose the easy path.

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