Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Robert Alberts to FAS: Develop your league

A man who never know when to shut up

In yesterday Straits Times, the 59-year-old Dutchman told FAS to develop their own league if they want to develop their football.

So snatching players to play in the Malaysia team is not helping your league and your football as explain.

Indeed he noted as well not only FAS had not help itself but FAM too as there is still little interest in the Malaysia Super League with or without FAS and the crowds are dwindling in much of the league.

Too much turth

No wonder Straits Times put it with the rest on that man Malaysia team and in a small corner where one hand can cover it up.

You must learn FAS and that man is telling another story to the whole world where millions are squeezing into stadiums in Malaysia thanks to FAS.

'Serve' You right.

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