Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eagles released hero of 09

Considered by many to be the hero of 09 as Geylang won their first trophy, RHB Singapore Cup, in 9 years, Yazid Yasin has been released by the club.

The custodian had performed brilliantly throughout the 09 season especially en-route to the Singapore Cup as the Eagles, then under Mike Wong, was noted for it ability to grind out results rather than any flair they might display.

And in the Final, it was no different as the team sat back to absorb whatever Bangkok Glass can dish out before sending the sucker punch.

However, if it was not for brilliant after brilliant saves by Yazin before that, the tie will have been lost.

Still with the club seeking a new direction, the custodian time at the club has come to an end.

At the same time, foreigners Michael King and Mun Seung-Man have also been released by Geylang.

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