Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tampines will not extend Tay contract

Champions Tampines Rovers have not extend their coach Tay Peng Kee coach for the upcoming season.

Despite leading the club to the championship after taking over in August, there have always been doubts raised about Tay abilities especially after the Singapore Cup final defeat against SAFFC.

After that result, the club brought back Steven Tan to 'help out' for the final league game which the club had to win.

The club is now looking at a number of options.

At the same time, Tanjong Pagar United have not extended the contract of their coach Terry.

The former Under-23 coach has been the coach of the Queentown club for the past two seasons since their returned to the S-league in 2011.

He is now expected to return to FAS where he will take a coaching post.

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