Friday, April 30, 2010

AFC Cup: Eagles make history by going winless

Geylang United have make history after yet another draw in the AFC Cup.

It was their fourth in their AFC Cup campaign and along with two defeats, it mean they are the first ever Singapore side not to have won a single game in the AFC Cup group phrase.

It can only be described as a disaster as they have won as many points as SAFFC, who are in the ACL, and the rivals in the AFC Cup are nothing compared to the sides from North Asia - who were facing the Warriors.

The Eagles were just too negative in Asia despite history showing S-league can match rivals from the second-tier leagues and where points have to be won at 'home' to be successful.

This did not happen throughout their campaign and even against V-league champions in their SHB Da Nang in their last game, with nothing to lose, they choose to be 'safe'.

No wonder, it end up as a draw again even as they discovered a gem in Peter Tomko; who scored his fifth goal in last 5 games.

Geylang United 1-1 SHB Da Nang

Scorer: Peter Tomko

Geylang United
20 Siddiq Durimi (GK)
2 Salim Abdul Rahim (11 Syed Thaha 79')
3 Rastislav Belicak (C)
5 Walid Lounis
10 Peter Tomko
13 Jonathan Xu
14 Itimi Dickson (16 Yasir Hanapi 34')
15 Shah Hirul
17 Hafiz Rahim
18 Syed Fadhil (8 Fazly Hasan 85')
21 Hassan Aziz

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