Monday, April 5, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - Got 3 right with 1 prefect score and 3 wrong

Balestier Khalsa vs Woodlands Wellington
This looked a like a draw right from the start with both equally matched and it should be the case. Goals are still a rare commodity for both sides even with a top striker for both as their midfield lacked the stark to create chances on a plate on a regular basis. One goal may decide it but most likely it will be 1-1.

Gombak United vs Etoile FC
One thing is wrong with Gombak and I think it their head (or mental strength). They seem to lack it. When the chip are down, thus the pressure are off, they have shown they can get the results but once the pressure is back on they go missing. Just like the beginning of the season, when they were tout as a team to look out for (and no doubt due to unforeseen changes) they started poorly before coming back when the pressure were off. Now they are underdog, that mean they can get a result which mean another draw for Etoile. 1-1

Young Lions vs SAFFC
Anybody believe there is any other result other than a Warriors win. The Champions will be just too good and the Cubs will be delighted to get the experience against such a good side as they continue to develop. 3-0 to the Champions.

Tampines Rovers vs Home United
The Stags will be looking to build on their brilliant start to the season and look to kill off 1 of their main contender chances for good. A win for the Stags will mean a 8 point gap between them and even at this early stage, it is a massive advantage to gain. The Stags can certainly achieve that based on their form and they should do that. 3-2 to the Stags.

Geylang United vs Woodlands Wellington
Geylang United will be looking to get back on track in the league and Woodlands Wellington is a good team to start as no disrespect but the Rams is 1 of the weaker team in the league at this point. Peter Tomko is getting the goals for the Eagles and they must continue to build on that as they look to achieve their target of 50 points with only 6 points from 6 games now. 2-0 to Geylang United

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