Friday, April 16, 2010

Bulls fail mentality test

Gombak United once again show they are weak in the head as they capitulated even after taking the lead through Fazli Jaffar.

One should say they lacked the winning mentality but let be brutal and say they are born losers for that what they are as their squad is strong enough to be top but they will never be there.

Woodlands Wellington must know that and that why they went for the Bulls throat after equalising with an
Abdelhadi Laakkad free-kick.

It was a brilliant shot into the top corner with the Bulls wall totally collapsed and it showcased the Bulls lacked the focus at crucial junction.

That what happen again for the Rams second goal as
custodian Zaiful Nizam just needed to catch the ball after coming for it but in choosing to punch it, he totally messed it up as he punch it high and straight to Noor Ali to fire into an empty net.

The decision making of the Bulls was a shocker to anybody watching them play and even as they recovered in the second period, they failed to put the type of pressure expected of a title challenger (Maybe that why they are
born losers) with the Rams threathing to score a third goal for the first time this season.

Woodlands Wellington
Fajar Sarib, (Shahri Musa) Winston Yap, Kazuki Yoshino, Sahairi Ramri, Luis Eduardo Hicks, Syed Karim, Azlan Alipah
, Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, (Nigel Vanu) Abdelhadi Laakkad, (Rizawan Abdullah) Rachid Lajane

Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam, Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Obadin Aikhena, (Hamqaamal Shah) Fazli Jaffar, Jeremy Chiang, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Ridhwan Jamaludin, Goran Subara, Fazrul Nawaz, Park Kang Jin, (Agu Casmir) Chang Jo Yoon

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