Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Waste of time FAM-FAS Cup revealed

The TODAY Paper have revealed FAM and FAS are working on a Cup involving Malaysian Super League and S-League teams.

This remind me of the FAM-FAS Series back in 05 and just as it lasted only 1 year as it was of no relevant in the current environment, one cannot see how this Cup - which I will name FAM-FAS Cup - can be any better.

Over the years, from Europe to Asia, one see many such Cups from Anglo-Italian Cup, British Cup, A3 and Pacific Championship etc and they do not last.

That why, I would rather the Young Lions replaced 1 of the 4 teams - expected to be SAFFC, Tampines Rovers, Home United and Gombak United.

This way, the Cubs can gain experience for the Asian Games and then this Cup can at least serve a purpose this year.

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