Thursday, November 4, 2010

Noh and Ridhuan club hit with rumors of non-payment again

What is new.

I mean their former coach Robert Albert had already jumped ship along with a few of the players and if Noh and Ridhuan believed things will be different this time round, it is clear it is not.

The Indonesian Liga champions reportedly have a debt of 7 billion rupiah (around S$1.2 million) and one wonder how much of that is player salaries as rumors of non-payments are surfacing.
If losing around $77k last year have not woken up Noh, maybe this year will as his footballing years are winding down and he is setting himself up for a horror movie if he keep making such 'brilliant' career move.

In the end, the only person who can take of himself after his football career is over is Noh himself and he should be asking if he is doing that

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Pohui said...

In the HWZ's wildly popular sub-forum - "EDMW", both Alam Shah and Ridhuan are being "PWNED"