Friday, November 26, 2010

Tigers released their Brazilians

In a major shock, the Tigers have put their Brazilians - Rivaldo Costa and Vitor Borges - on the release list meaning the pair will not be retained by the club.

The Brazilian pair have been a revelation at the Toa Poyah club and it was believed that is good enough for them to be retained.

After all, Rivaldo have contributed 11 goals in 29 appearances and the last time the Toa Poyah club had somebody who reached a double figure, it was back in 2006 and that person was Kengne Ludovick.

I seriously doubt the club can find Kengne Ludovick playing for them again so Rivaldo is more than a decent replacement if not equally good replacement.

As for Vitor Borges, he may not be as prolific but his pace is menace upfront and the Tigers do not have anybody like him at the moment.

So either the club have somebody in mind that is better or the Toa Poyah club could be set for a disappointing 2011 season.
Ex-Singapore U23 international Goh Swee Swee has also been released by the Tigers.

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