Monday, May 9, 2011

S-league Preview XIII (Edited)

S-league Preview XII - 2 right with 1 perfect score and 1 wrong

Mon 9-May Courts Young Lions - Geylang United (JBS)
Tue 10-May Albirex Niigata (S) - Woodlands Wellington (JBS)
Wed 11-May TPUFC - SAFFC (JBS)
Thu 12-May Gombak United - Home United (JBS)
Fri 13-May Balestier Khalsa - Etoile FC (JBS) 
Sat 14-May Courts Young Lions - Woodlands Wellington (JBS)
Sun 15-May Tampines Rovers vs Albirex Niigata (S) (TMP)

Courts Young Lions vs Geylang United
The Eagles had a terrible first round no matter how one looked at it. They were the only side, outside of bottom 3, to lose to the bottom 3 -  Courts Young Lions - and the only side to draw - Woodlands Wellington - with them as well. Now is the time to redeem. It is really win or bust as nobody will accept anything but an Eagles victory. 2-1 to Geylang United

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Woodlands Wellington
How can the White Swans not win this one. It is Woodlands Wellington. Virtually everybody is collecting points, and goals, against them. And the Rams can do nothing about it as they are that poor. 3-0 to Albirex Niigata (S) 

The last of the easy one to predict. It take a brave man to believe the Jaguars will take a point (Let not be crazy and say they can even win) from this one. The Warriors need an easy match to get back on track after their disappointing thrashing at the hand of Albirex Niigata (S) and there is no easier match. Time to rack up the goals to improve their goal difference again. 4-0 to Warriors

Gombak United vs Home United
The Bulls are not an easy side to play against but the Protectors need the win. They pull a couple point back last time out and if they failed to beat the Bulls, it is back to square one again. But it should not affect the way the Protectors approach the game as knowing the Bulls, they are not going to come out of their shell anyway. The Protectors have to come out to attack and frankly take their chances to build up a lead as the Bulls are always dangerous on their (limited) set-pieces. 3-0 to Home United 

Balestier Khalsa vs Etoile FC
What has happen to the Tigers. 10 goals conceded in 2 games after just 8 in their first 10 games. They have a chance to set it up well against the champions. The French have not played in nearly 2 weeks and it could be a negative as they will need to rebuild their momentum but be warily as it could be a positive as well as they are well-rested and will have studied why the Stags and Protectors have racked up the goals against the Tigers. 2-0 to the Champions

Courts Young Lions vs Woodlands Wellington 
It is a match the Rams will look to as this will represent one the chances to rack up a point, minimum, but should in reality be their best shot at 3 points for a while. The Cubs main forward Khariul Nizam is not yet back from his suspension so they have no threat to their attack as the other forwards are all in their first season or second one (if one count the first or two games they played as one season). The problem is whether they will take it as the fact they have nobody with more than 1 goal tell us much about the Rams attack. But there is no better chance even if it start at the 'inhumane' time Rams coach tell us. 1-0 to Woodlands Wellington

Tampines Rovers vs Albirex Niigata (S)
Are the Stags getting tired? I would say yes. They are humans after all. But there is no restbite as the AFC Cup campaign continue and the Singapore Cup is coming up so this will have an effect on their league campaign sooner or later. One main reason is that the Stags are only using a mainstay of around 14 players for their campaign so far. This will impact their regulars and the most worrying is the sloe forward line (Duric). While the Stags may have seem all their outfield players score a goal, one, if they looked in more details, will note their Jurong East opponents have spread their goals among themselves more evenly so there are players coming in if one is suspended or injured. I am not sure the Stags have anybody who can come in for Duric. 2-2 draw

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