Sunday, May 15, 2011

S-league Preview XIV

S-league Preview XIII - 4 right with 3 wrong

Mon 16-May Home United - Hougang United (BSN)
Tue 17-May Woodlands Wellington - TPUFC (WDL)
Wed 18-May Etoile FC - Gombak United (QTN)
Thu 19-May Hougang United - Tampines Rovers (HGG)
Thu 19-May SAFFC - Geylang United (CCK)
Fri 20-May Courts Young Lions - Balestier Khalsa (JBS) 
Sat 21-May Albirex Niigata (S) - Home United (JES)

Home United vs Hougang United
Some are looking at Hougang United recent good run and hoping they can take on the Protectors. I am not convinced as I give a big discount on their good run for two of those matches included Woodlands Wellington and TPUFC (Enough said). The Protectors are a top team for a reason and they can take on the likes of Cheetah on an off day and still come out of it with full points and at this point in time, the Protectors are on their own good run - 4 wins in a row. 4-0 to Home 

Woodlands Wellington vs TPUFC
Here is a chance for the Rams to put some distance between them and the Jaguars. They are likely to take it as one thing they have over the Jaguars are that their ranks are filled with more experienced campaigners. This should till the balance to the Rams as frankly both are equally bad but as least the Rams have shown they can get a win while the Jaguars are still searching for it. 2-1 to the Rams

Etoile FC vs Gombak United
The champions have lost half their encounters against the Bulls. So what is the format why the Bulls are so successful? I would say the results of those games tell us a lot. To this point, only 3 goals have been scored between them. The Bulls ultra-defensive stand have meant the champions have a hard time breaking through especially as the Bulls enjoyed a physical style of play which the champions are known to dislike. I cannot see why the Bulls will abandon that stand in this game especially as they worked against the champions. 0-0 draw 

Hougang United vs Tampines Rovers
After the Protectors game, the Cheetah next encounter is no less easier as the Stags will be looking for full points and they will be in no mood to show any mercy. Especially as the Stags need to stack up the points now for the Protectors and Etoile appear to have gel and both are hitting form so they will be chasing the champions even more ferociously. The Stags have a buffer but it can easily disappear as the Stags still have to meet the other contenders two more times. So the game against the middle-tiers are important as they cannot afford to drop unnecessary points. 3-0 to the Stags

SAFFC vs Geylang United
The Warriors title challenge is hanging by a thread. Anymore disappointing performances like the ones against Albirex and especially TPUFC and their league season is over. We cannot say they can still challenge for second place or third as they are judged on the S-league crown. That is why the SAFFC management was willing to tell the players to pack up if they do not bucked as why pay them an extra six months salary to fight for two or third. The Warriors are eight-time champions and only the crown is worth the fight. The players have been warned. 3-0 to the Warriors 

Courts Young Lions vs Balestier Khalsa
Both teams are in need of pick-me-up game and both may view the other as that type of team. The Cubs have little firepower until Khariul Nizam return while the Tigers have lost their will (According to the Tigers coach). A game that I cannot see any difference between both sides. 1-1 draw

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Home United
The Protectors have no time to rest now as the Stags still have a buffer of 5 points so the Bishan side must win every games to keep pace with the leaders. Albirex Niigata (S) is a decent side but one which the Protectors have no excuse not to walk away with all three points. To be champions, the Protectors must show their desires and hunger and kill off the likes of Albirex. 3-1 to Home

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