Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will ASEAN Under-23 championship be suspended? (edited)

With PSSI (Indonesia FA) set to be banned by FIFA within the coming days, it will not be able to host any FIFA-sanctioned events other than it own domestic league.

While every media report indicate Indonesia World Cup qualifiers against Turkmenistan in July to be the first one to see Indonesia missed out on, there is the ASEAN Under-23 championship before that which is even more tricky.

Indonesia is the ASEAN Under-23 championship host yet they will be banned from hosting any football event so how can the competition go ahead?

Have the Courts Young Lions pulled out of the RHB Singapore Cup for nothing.

It looked likely and one word, suay, (Bad luck for those who do not know) as now they have missed out on both ends due to no fault of their.

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