Friday, September 30, 2011

Mystery solved

Now I know why SSC have not issued a statement about the Today article on JBS expansion.

It does not involved them as FAS will be footing the bill on this one as this new Today report tell us it is FAS who is calling for vendors.

Of course this lead to the million dollar question of how come FAS have money now? (After coming out repeatedly to cry they have no money when it time to spend money on local football)

If you ask me, it is more likely there will be no Courts Young Lions in 3 months time as they need the money even more now.

Afterall even if it is a temporary stand it will cost as least a hundred thousand dollars (including maintenance cost as SSC is not going to foot it since they did not build it) and money do not grow on trees, it has to come from somewhere.

The Chinese saying the lamb fur must come from lamb (literally translated) come to mind.

All this for a temporary stand is not worth it as I can see that stand lasting a year or two before it is torn down and during that time, the maintenance cost will be borne not by FAS but by Singapore next generation in turth. (Reason is FAS will cry even louder they have no money now for local football as all of it is either going to FAM, the Malaysia team or JBS)

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