Saturday, September 17, 2011

True or False?

That is my belief regarding  the story broke out by TODAY on Jalan Besar Stadium expansion.

Frankly I do not want to be negative for the sake of it but in that story there was not a single statement from the most important stakeholder - Singapore Sport Council.

This is important as they will be the one paying the bills for any expansion and unless they confirm it, all that talks is just PR from FAS for just a few days earlier, FAS deny that it has a plan for expanding any stadium.

And this is not the first time I read a story on stadium expansion as let remember just a few months back that man at FAS was in the news (as he always does when he want to give 'good news' but never bad ones as take note the one answering in those are always his men) with Straits Times quoting him as saying talks on Toa Poyah was 'going well' and with Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) 'support', he expect SSC to approve it.

But since then, not a word so we know it is died and buried so that why he has never mention it.

After all, Etoile FC at least has a letter from SSC so they can build a clubhouse but what do you have other than your words (which is not worth much considering your record)

At the same time, he may like to mention Tampines Stadium which is not selected for expansion but rather to be a shopping centre (or Life Hub as called by them) by People Association (PA) and it would have help Singapore football more to know if whether this was happening.

But we know he will never answer this question but to lose Tampines stadium even if JBS is expanded is a loss not a win. 

Lastly it is no help to Singapore football to only expand only one stadium just as Esplande is of little help to Singapore Art with them struggling to develop a niche outside the few who really appreciate them.

So it much better if that man get down to real work and answer some really questions like telling everybody if Courts Young Lions will be in S-league or will it be culled so you can steal the money for your Malaysia team and pay FAM as Courts $1million sponsorship is no doubt delicious.

S-league cannot keep waiting for you to have time to deliver the good news so you can get PR as it is nearly a year since you claim you will give S-league more money but you refused to tell anybody if you really have the money. 

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