Friday, September 30, 2011

Who does S-league CEO represent

I mean looked at who is choosing the new S-league CEO!

Along with that man, the selection panel that decide the new S-League CEO includes former minister and FAS president Professor Ho Peng Kee, president of the Singapore Bowling Federation Jessie Phua and Singapore Sports Council CEO Lim Teck Yin.

Why is Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and Singapore Bowling Federation (SBF) involved but not a single S-league club.

S-league CEO is to run and represent S-league; which are in the interest of the clubs yet they have no say but bowling and SSC have.

SSC, may I remind them, refused to get itself involved in Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) election over two year ago claiming it has no right as this involved those in the sport and SSC as the overseer can only advise.

Worse of all, why bowling?

Does it mean Singapore football can now send people over to oversee one of their many committees as well.

I do not understand the logic.

Maybe this panel is just meant to select one of their own as frankly I only see government people in there and not a single person from the private sector so how can they attract the man from the private sector they claimed they want to hire.

For if they do not want S-league clubs involved as they lacked the connection to get good men for the job but does this panel have it!

For the S-league CEO will be tasked with getting money from private sector so it is good if he come from there and has the connections like Richard Scudmore, BPL CEO, who before getting that post was a media man.

He clearly know the in and out of media and has been able to use it to his and his company advantage as one thing about the running of BPL is how they 'covered' up the negative news whenever it involved their brand - which even other top European league cannot matched.

The issue about debts of BPL is a good example as Scudmore always claim their debts are 'different' from other European league which have fallen foul of it and somehow BPL always has one group of media willing to defend that as a fact even if not all are not as supportive of it.

This is why Scudmore earn his pay and frankly can the S-league CEO earn that pay which is reportedly S$8k a month.

I will wait to pass judgement (as it is only fair) but I wonder how do we get a good CEO as it is unlikely  the panel will have the connection to get men from the sectors Singapore football need.

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