Monday, September 5, 2011

S Murali (Edited)

Saw this on Liga Singapura but I do not expect Hougang United to be given a fair verdict by the mass media and as a result, most Singaporean will be accepting of what the mass media write.

I think the comments by civotarum weeks ago in the Kallangroar forum panned this out.

Same type of incident but praises for the Portuguese for going out and attacking a fellow staff on the opposite side.

sports editor? what a joke!

im refering to his article on mourinho on friday's tnp

of course! mourihno is giving spanish football life.. fights and scuffle are results of passion and desire to win, it makes the game interesting.. and that is why he gets up at 4am just to watch mourihno's antics on television..

guys, he has already marked dec 11 and april 22 on his calendar to see more fights between real and barca, he cant wait..

on the other hand, fights or scuffles (from nas vs bennett to yl vs bg to hougang vs etoile) in sleague is embarassing, disgraceful and hooliganism. I dont see Mr Murali suggesting that the sleague is interesting, exciting and competitive due to the fights/scuffle

(personally, i watched some of real vs barca matches in the champs league and king's cup last season, and find it absolutely distasteful/disgraceful the behaviour of both sets of players, going down theatrically. 4-5 players surrounding the referee complaining, whining and pressuring the referee to hand out a card at every challange.)

Unfortunately Singapore do not have the type of checks on the media on themselves like the Guardian and the Sun etc.

This is seem by the Shin Min chief editor car incident years ago; with Today claim they were the only one covering the news. 

It looked like SPH are not doing their job but do one expect any differently as ultimately, all the other chief editors of other papers (under SPH) will not want to be seem 'attacking' their fellow colleagues in the same company for UK New of the World was not brought down by it own company papers but from outside (It was the expose from Guardian that ended the NOTW)

And Wilkleaks has shown how powerful SPH Singapore editors are (And I have always commented that SPH sport editors are not as weak as some believed and that why the likes of ex-SPH man like Jeffery Low etc were so powerful) for let not forget SPH do control over 90% of Singapore mass print media which ultimately most Singaporean still get their news.

That why the likes of TNP sport editor S Murali can be so biased without any fear as Straits Times will not say anything as they are from the same company while TODAY is a portion owned by SPH.

And he has openly showed it as he has basically told the world he will support the Malaysian project while continuing to neglect S-league which they will only report negative news about.

The proof from civotarum again as quoted in the sport editor own words.

And here is a promise: From this day on, The New Paper will be your Malaysia Cup guide.

We will bring you all the stories that matter, all the colour, all the goals, all the passion.

Just like in years past, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to give unrivalled coverage of the tournament that should grip the attention of the nation.

Has Mr S Murali promised such help?

I believed the answers are out there already with the different treatment. 

Ex. TNP is printing the Roars papers but Mr S Murali as the main man of TNP sport section has not written in it.

Surely there is no excuse as how can the main man of the paper not have a section in it other than the fact he does not want to do it and the Roars was done only for the sake of doing it. 

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