Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hussainar: Rams in good financial health

With Woodlands Wellington filling up a full 20-man squad for the club, the first of all local sides this season to use up their full complement of spots.

There were questions if it was a reflection of an improvement in the club’s finances.

Rams chairman Hussainar Abdul Aziz asserted that money was indeed flowing into the club, although he gave no specific figures.

“If you compare the situation to three years ago, Woodlands were not in a good financial state three years ago,” he said.

“What the management here’s done is we have stabilised the club, and in terms of financing, there will be no issues this year. We are in good financial health, I can assure.

“We have expanded our jackpot operations to bring in more money for the club, and takings have increased tremendously in the past year. We are also actively trying to find a main sponsor.

“The club’s looking at all avenues now to increase the takings of the club and further improve our financial health. Merchandising is one thing we’re looking at, but the reality in Singapore is that you can’t sell too much that way, and we’re hoping our fans will support and help the club.”

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