Monday, February 25, 2013

Tampines and Warriors appeal fixtures

Both Tampines Rovers and Warriors FC are set to appeal against the fixture list that have been released.

The reason is the fixture list is set up against them as apart from the S-league they have the AFC Cup to contend with and the released fixture list will have them playing many games in a short amount of time.

That is why they may not be able to use their best 11 all the time.

For me, the worst part was not the badly done fixture list but the part of the FAS spokesman being quoted that FAS was sorry games have to be on weekend at times.

I do not know if he meant it but why is it S-league games cannot be on weekend and it is a step backwards as a club official anonymity noted.
For me, it is not we cannot do a proper fixture list but the people who are doing it are not doing with S-league in mind but the interest of the president (I do not need to quote name but it is him) who they aim to please.

That is why there can be no progress no matter who the next FAS president until we have a situation where S-league is run by people chosen by clubs and not FAS, with no disrespect to current S-league CEO Lim, whose interest it is clearly in conflict with now.

But even Lim bowed to FAS president as far as I can see for everytime his announcement he noted he has to get approval first and that is not good for anybody.

For if was really the top man in S-league hierarchy then he does not need to seek approval for he will be the one bearing the credit or the blame.

Afterall Tampines and Warriors are fighting for S-league interest in Asia yet matter are staked against them because of a team who is playing across the causeway and nothing is considered about S-league own interest in this matter.

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Pohui said...

Oh gimme a break please... Why is this keep happening?