Sunday, March 3, 2013

It about the team

Tanjong Pagar coach Patrick Vallee reminded everybody Tanjong Pagar was not just about the French but rather the whole team after the French imports put in another brilliant performance to secure their second win in as many games.

"I think he [Zerka] did his job but it wasn't just him," the ex-Etoile boss said. "I must congratulate my whole team as Monsef scored three goals because the other players assisted him on three occasions.

"Also, there were four guys at the back protecting Aurelien, and Aurelien was protecting the goal. I must congratulate the whole team, not only Monsef.

"I'm very happy for Monsef, but I'm also happy for Kamel and Ismael, who made two assists today . My team is not only made up of the foreign players.

"My team is local and foreign - one team and not two teams. What is most important to me is the team, not one or two players.

"It's very good that Monsef scored three goals, but if Sazali Salleh scored three I would also be very happy."

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