Sunday, March 3, 2013

Salim: Top 3 still possible

Woodlands Wellington head coach Salim Moin is confident his Woodlands Wellington side can still finish in the top three of the Great Eastern-YEO's S-League despite Tuesday's 2-1 home loss to Harimau Muda.

"I am not worried about the loss," Salim said.

"Yes, I feel very disappointed we lost the game, but as long as they continue to play good football like they did against the Warriors, we will be able to pick up the wins.

"From now on, we must continue to work hard and make sure we get into the top three because that's my target this season."

At the same time, Salim also express his displeasure at Shahril Alias needless late lunge on Harimau goalkeeper Ilham Amirullah which led to the defender's sending off and urged his players to play more intelligently in the future.

"On my part, I should say, I feel disappointed with the red card," Salim added.

"The players should be more mature to handle such situations. You play against a young team, you must be sure you must get this sensitivity out of you.

"The red card could have been avoided and the players must be intelligent when making decisions.

"If you know the goalkeeper had already caught the ball, and you know you won't get to it, all you need to do is to avoid him and just forget about going for the ball rather than charging straight into the goalkeeper.

"The game is tense and Harimau's players are fast and energetic. My players are mature and should know how to handle such situations. If you are very slow, you get caught, and that's how he [Shahril] got the first yellow card.

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