Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lee drive Akihiro Nakamura away

Axrosstheline has reported Home United head coach Paul Lee has driven assistant coach Akihiro Nakamura away from the club.

It seem the former Sembawang Rangers, Balestier Khalsa, SAFFC, Albirex Niigata (S) and Tampines Rovers’ midfielder had clashed with the Korean during the Albirex-Home game last Friday and his assistant felt  he could no longer work with Lee anymore.

While I admired what Home is bringing to S-league football this year with their style of attacking and high intense pressing football, I have to questioned if Lee is the only man who can achieve that.

It is clear the ex-Suwong man lacked the PR and EQ to bring unity to his club.

The 41-year-old has clashed with his own players every year since his arrival in Singapore in 2010 and have driven out one player every year and last year he refused to play players in his team and leave them on the bench because they were not chosen by him.

It ended up hurting Home United who finished fifth as they never played their strongest team and players had to be played out of position all because certain players were not his choice.

Did he thought of the club or the team before he acted that way.

Yes, I believed the attacking and high intense pressing football will benefit S-league in the long-term as players will have to increase fitness, which is still low by even Asian standard, to play the pressing game and technical abilities will be emphasized as they have to keep the ball more carefully.

Afterall currently, football here in Malaysia/Spore/Indonesia is too much like rojak and follow no pattern and it is not helping anybody.

However if Lee keep on clashing with his own team instead of building it then the project will surely hit a brick wall then it of no use to Home United or S-league.

Surely there are Korean coaches who are good coaches and yet does not bring the same destructive force that hinder team unity as what we are witnessing year after year.

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