Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lee is sleepless

Home United coach Lee Lim-saeng admits he will have difficulty going to sleep following the 2-0 home loss to Woodlands Wellington.

The Protectors once again failed to fire as they succumbed to the Rams, who finished bottom of the pile in the last three campaigns.

Speaking after the game, Lee insisted he was to blame for the result.

"This result is my fault," he said. "I will definitely take responsibility for it as the coach.

"I won't be able to sleep tonight [Tuesday] as I will be thinking about the team."

While the Korean coach took responsible for the result, one also feel he is at fault for his own problems as he drove top marksman Frederic Mendy out claiming he does not want the Frenchman in his side.
That is why despite their dominance in possession, the Protectors had nothing to show for it and with only one goal in 3 matches, they must wished that the Frenchman had remained

Especially as the ex-Korea Republic international admits it is something they will have to work on.

"Most importantly, we need more concentration with our finishing," Lee explained.

"We need to create more accurate passes and crosses in the attacking third; the final pass is the problem for us. That's why we need to practice more."

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