Thursday, February 4, 2010

Champions held by Eagles

Perhaps the ACLQ on Saturday was playing on the mind of the Champions, as they rested a few regulars, but it will not matter to the Singapore Cup Champions, Geylang United, as they held the S-league Champions to a 1-1 draw at Choa Chu Kang.

The Warriors had open their stadium free to all spectators to celebrate their 8th crown last season and the crowds responded with 3323 coming through the gates.

But the celebrations were cut short by the Eagles as they held a first half through a Syed Fadhil goal before Singapore international Indra scored his S-league goal for the Champions as Eagles defender Adrian Dhanaraj were also send off.

The Champions were unable to score after that despite having half an hour to do so as well as substituting in their regulars to force the winner.

The Choa Chu Kang faithful will be not delighted but if on Saturday, they managed to triumph over the Thai Champions Muang Thong United, it is a price they are willing to pay as there are still 32 league games to go.

Shahril Jantan (C), Shaiful Esah, Razaleigh Khalik, Hafiz Osman, Ivan Lovric, (Ahmad Latiff) Taisuke Akiyoshi, (Niklas Sandberg) Rhysh Roshan Rai, (Noh Rahman) John Wilkinson, Park Tae Won, Mustaqim Manzur, Indra Sahdan 

Geylang United 
Yazid Yasin, Walid Lounis, Rastislav Belicak, (Shah Hirul) Fazly Hasan, (Yasir Hanapi) Itimi Dickson, Syed Fadhil, Vasile Ghindaru, Miroslav Latiak (C), Syed Thaha, Adrian Dhanaraj, (Hafiz Rahim) Peter Tomko


Pohui said...

Wish I was there but was drained out to do so... hopefully coach Richard don't end up like Rafa having his priority mixed up

happy said...

U been covering much already

Give yourself a pat on the back & take a break

Afterall, it a long season & even I will not cover everything during that time or I go crazy

but Sat, that a match U shld catch if U can make it