Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Geylang get V-league champions

The re-drawn AFC Cup group has seem Geylang United get V-league champions SHB Da Nang.

The V-league champions have registered Argentine Gaston Merlo and their two Brazilian Rogerio Machado Pereira and Jose Emidio De Jesus De Almeida as their foreigners.

This is in spite in V-league, 1 of the Brazilian - Now known as Nguyen Rogerio - is considered local as he has Vietnamese citizenship while the other is still trying to get it at this point in time.

However, they may not have fulfilled the FIFA 5-year residence requirement thus they cannot be registered at the Asian Level as local anytime soon.

This is not great news for the V-league champions as they have another 4 foreigners on their books in the V-league who they may wish to use - Cesar Cucchi (Argentina), Diego Mendez (Argentina), Nikolas Hernandez (Argentina), Williams Christopher (USA).

The other teams in the Eagles group are Thai Port (Thailand FA Cup winner) and Tai Po (Hong Kong FA Cup winner)

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