Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No chance for ASEAN club Championship at this stage

A new report from VNN (Vietnam News newwork) has admitted AFF is interested in reviving the ASEAN Club Championship - last played in 2005 where Tampines Rovers won - but it is near to impossible at this stage.

Other than support from VFF, there is no support from elsewhere; especially the other ASEAN Big 5 whose support is crucial as that is where the sponsors are.

The truth is ACL and AFC Cup have overshadowed the ASEAN Club Championship making them more important as it has the money (AFC just received over US$1 billion for it competition from WSG) and prestige (ACL can reached the WCC Finals) than ASEAN own club competition.

One cannot see how the ASEAN Club Championship can be revived; for even if it is revived it will be a poor cousin of the AFC Cup - which is hardly on equal standing with ACL.

Thus, the ASEAN Club Championship could be the lowest denomination in the ASEAN club arena - even behind the domestic league - and it is unlikely this is what AFF is hoping for.

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